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If you choose Japanese Cairns Wedding as a wedding planner
I promise you will have the best wedding in Cairns

Resort Wedding!

To the Best!

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– Make your weddings the best in Cairns –

A longing wedding.

But I don't know what to prepare from. It's my first time abroad, but I wonder if it's okay. What kind of people will help us on their special day? How can we have a wonderful wedding ceremony that is unique to us?

I want to be the best counselor for two people who have anxiety and worries.

We have Cairns Wedding to offer you what you can do as a wedding planner living in Australia.

I want to cherish the bond.

A bond between two people, a bond with a family, and a bond with a wedding planner. All bonds are not a coincidence.

We value encounters with people that major wedding companies cannot do.

Limited production of one set a day.

Would you like to have your own special wedding in Australia?

Cairns Wedding will help you with weddings, wedding anniversary renewal weddings, proposals and parties in Cairns, Australia (business trips within Australia are also possible).

Why wedding in Cairns?

Cairns has a time difference of 1 hour from Japan. The flight time is very close to 7 and a half hours. An overseas wedding location where guests from the elderly to children can easily come. And there are two world heritage sites, the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest, so you can enjoy honeymoons and family trips too!

Also, the beaches of Cairns are not as crowded as Hawaii.

You can take a wedding + location photo shooting in a relaxed and personal way.

Japanese Cairns Wedding will make your once-in-a-lifetime important day a satisfying and wonderful day.


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Experience tour

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We offer styles that suit various scenes.

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