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If you choose Japanese Cairns Wedding as a wedding planner
I promise you will have the best wedding in Cairns

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– Make your weddings the best in Cairns –

I think that a wedding will strengthen the bond between the family and the two. Marriage is about being prepared to walk together in life, respecting each other, and being wrapped in free love.


The wedding itself is an important event, but I think we can appreciate the compassion, determination, and family that we can feel because we had a wedding. I think this experience is the best life experience for a wedding couple.

Why wedding in Cairns?

Cairns has a time difference of 1 hour from Japan. The flight time is very close to 7 and a half hours. An overseas wedding location where guests from the elderly to children can easily come. And there are two world heritage sites, the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest, so you can enjoy honeymoons and family trips too!

Also, the beaches of Cairns are not as crowded as Hawaii.

You can take a wedding + location photo shooting in a relaxed and personal way.

Why do you choose Japanese Cairns Wedding as your wedding planner?

Japanese Cairns Wedding, launched by Reiko Edward, who is a freelance wedding planner, values ​​bonds.

A bond between two people, a bond with a family, and a bond with a wedding planner. All bonds are not a coincidence. That is why even after the wedding, we receive many messages from the brides. It's not just a one-day event.

We value encounters with people that major wedding companies cannot do.

We will produce weddings without changing the person in charge from consultation from Japan, to attendance of the wedding. Since it is produced only for one group per day, we will listen to your requests as much as possible, let us know your flexibility, and cooperate with the staff at the wedding venue to make proposals.

By incorporating innovative ideas and having close meetings with the couples and the wedding venue, Japanese Cairns Wedding is able to have the widest range of wedding venues in Cairns.

That's why you can fulfill your desired wedding.

Japanese Cairns Wedding will make your once-in-a-lifetime important day a satisfying and wonderful day.


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