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Introducing Hair and Makeup Artist for Cairns Wedding, Australian Wedding

Speaking of overseas weddings, what kind of staff will the local staff do?
You may be worried.

"I want to get rid of everyone's anxieties before the overseas wedding."

With that in mind, Cairns Wedding will introduce the staff as much as possible.
Of course, due to staff circumstances and poor physical condition, the staff may not always be the same,
Let us introduce you to our best team.

This is Arisa from Hair and Makeup Artist.

Arisa has a track record of winning 3rd place in a hair contest held in Asia before.
She has a low demeanor and is a very nice make-up.

He opened his home as a hair salon and is now a popular hairdresser in Cairns.

Please feel free to visit us at the Australian Wedding and Cairns Wedding.

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