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Introducing the Australian Wedding for 4 Days at the 2018 Tourism Expo's Reso Marriage Booth ①

I participated in the Tourism Expo held at Tokyo Big Sight from September 20th to 23rd, 2018.
20.21 was for stakeholders and the media, and 22.23 was for the general public.

I have returned to Japan temporarily to participate in this expo from Cairns, Australia.
Cairns in Queensland, Australia.
This time, at the "Reso Marriage" booth issued by the Queensland Tourism Board, many people from Queensland, Australia
I have told you about the town of Cairns.

The Australian wedding is a minor image.
I wanted to let as many people as possible know about the Cairns wedding in Australia, so I handed out leaflets every day to give presentations.
I have called out to many people.

It's a big expo held every year, and it seems that many people come to enjoy this expo.
The expo is open from 10 o'clock, but there is a long line from about 9:20.

The inside of the venue before the opening looks like this.

The moderator's sister talked about her own experience of reso marriage.

The charm of Reso marriage
① You can get along with your family
② The distance between the bride and groom and the guest is close
③ You can have your own wedding

The moderator's older sister talked about the charm of a lot of Reso marriage.

It was from 10am to 6pm, but we talked with many customers about the appeal of Cairns.
The charm of Cairns that I talked to many people

① Time difference is 1 hour
② Flight time is a little over 7 hours
➡ Japan-Cairns direct flights are night flights, like going from Tokyo to Osaka by night bus
It's easy to get on a plane at night and get to Cairns when you get up. And since the time difference is 1 hour, there is not much burden on the body.
③ You can swim all year round
④ Two World Heritage Sites, the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest
⑤ Many activities other than World Heritage Sites
Diving, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping, fishing, rafting, etc.
⑥ A valuable experience that can only be held in Queensland (Cairns)

There are many attractions of Cairns.
Cairns is a really nice place and my favorite place.

After spending a fulfilling day, the wonderful clouds spread against the background of Tokyo Big Sight, which made me feel radiant.

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