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What should I do if my wedding dress gets dirty? How to remove dirt

Based on my own experience, I will tell you how to actually do it at a dress cleaning shop.

I decided to get married about three years after I started living in Cairns, Australia.
My husband is Australian, and I wanted to have the wedding ceremony in Cairns, including my husband's family and friends, blessed by those who took care of me in Cairns, company people, family, friends and business associates, so at the Australian wedding ceremony in Cairns I had decided to have a wedding.
However, I also wanted to show my husband to my grandmother and friends who couldn't schedule it, so I wanted to have a wedding party in Japan, if not a wedding.

We decided on the venue after that, so we gave priority to deciding on the wedding dress.

Anyway, if I had the opportunity to wear a wedding dress twice, it was cheaper to buy than rental (it was only about 30,000 yen different from rental and purchased dress), so I bought the dress at a Japanese dress shop. It was.

We planned to have a wedding in Japan after the wedding in Cairns, and arranged the photos in Cairns so that Japanese friends and family could see them.
Up to that point as planned!

However, the wedding dress got dirty unexpectedly.
I spilled some drinks on the beach in Cairns and at parties and got my dress dirty.

In the beach shoot, the hem of the dress got sandy and the hem of the white wedding dress turned gray, if not black.

After all, it would be embarrassing if it was dirty when I wore it again in Japan, and I felt less nervous, so I wanted to wear it again at the Japanese unveiling party in a clean state somehow.


Put the wedding dress in a large laundry net and wash it in a delicate setting

First of all, if it is partly very dirty, pinch it partly and scrub it with soap bar. (There is no problem even if you rub a little with a toothbrush etc.)

①Turn the wedding dress upside down. → By doing so, you can reduce the volume of the dress.
(2) Turn the dress upside down into a large laundry net and roll the dress with a little less volume.
③ I think that the setting differs depending on the washing machine, but set it to be used when washing delicate fabrics. If there is no such setting, it is okay if it is normal.
④ Put the delicate detergent such as wool used for washing in the washing machine.
⑤ After washing, turn the dress upside down and hang it from a high place to dry it (so that it does not lose its shape).
⑥ It doesn't matter whether it is dry or slightly wet. Use a steam iron to smooth out wrinkles.

A steam iron that is convenient to have at home

So I was able to wear a clean dress for the second time without any problems.
However, please note that if the dress material contains silk, it cannot be washed with water or steam ironed.

Ask a professional cleaner

There is a dry cleaner who will clean your wedding dress.
There are specialty stores that wash and clean wedding dresses without dry cleaning, so if you don't have the time or yourself, you can ask a professional.

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