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What remains after an overseas wedding? What's beyond that

Preparing for an overseas wedding is difficult, isn't it?

I talked about the merits of overseas weddings on my blog the other day, but if you think about what remains after the overseas wedding, you should be able to prepare for the wedding and do your best.

Deepen family ties

When the groom's parents'home and the bride's parents' home are far apart, it is difficult to decide in which area the wedding will be held.

Would you like to have a wedding in a land you don't think of when you are in the middle of the distance between the two families in Japan?
Even for those who are thinking of calling for a wedding, transportation costs and time are difficult.

Therefore, the distance between both families is equal = overseas
If you come abroad, you won't have to hold a wedding at either of the two families, and you won't have to be careful when choosing a wedding venue, so you can be happy with each other.

And if the houses of both families are far away, there are few opportunities for them to meet each other in Japan.
It is because we have an overseas wedding that we can open our minds and meet the two families overseas.

After all the first opportunity is important.
The first impression is also important.

When each other feels relaxed and open overseas, the story gets excited because it is extraordinary.

Therefore, the families of both families will continue to get closer to each other as a result of this overseas wedding.

Opportunities for future family trips

Some people will not go on a family trip without some kind of opportunity or goal.
Especially when I have children, I have a hard time traveling abroad.

However, if you are having an overseas wedding, for example, on an anniversary
It's also nice to show your kids the venue where their parents got married.
We also admire to travel abroad again to the place where we had our wedding, in the form of swearing our love for the future as an anniversary.

Traveling abroad is difficult without some reason.
For that reason, it is also good to use "overseas weddings" to enrich the couple's life.

Actually, I happened to have a chance to talk with a family member at the zoo in Cairns the other day, but his wife
"We got married in Cairns 10 years ago. This time we're back on a family trip."
You said.
Cairns is very easy to come to for family trips and is a recommended place.

In addition, the groom was the first overseas couple to be with us before.
For the first time, he got a passport for the Cairns wedding.
So, "It ’s good for the first time overseas."
It seems that he thought, and this Cairns wedding was the trigger
Let's continue traveling abroad because we have a passport! It seems that he got the feeling.

Even overseas, where you wouldn't normally go out, you can jump out because it's a wedding ceremony.
Did you ever think that way?
Isn't it possible to create such a good opportunity for overseas weddings?

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