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Interview with Reiko Edward, Wedding Planner in Cairns, Australia

What made you become a free wedding planner in Cairns?

During my 18 years in Cairns, when I had a wedding 14 years ago, I chose a wedding venue and had an original style wedding.
MoreI want to introduce Japanese customers to a wonderful place loved by locals!And
Regardless of sales, if you feel that it is unnecessary for two people, remove it quickly and realize a plan that is perfect for themBecome a freelance wedding planner! I decided.

The strength of free wedding planners is that there is no fixed wedding venue

Plan a wedding venue that locals like

For those who do not know which wedding venue is good overseas, we plan the wedding venue that the locals like and propose a wedding venue that is close to the wishes of the two.

A place of memories in Cairns

You can also have a wedding in a place where you used to have a homestay in Cairns, or in a place of special memories
We will arrange as much as possible.

Limited to one group per day

The schedule is limited to one group per day, and we do not manage a loose and tight schedule.

What I keep in mind as a free wedding planner

A wedding planner alone cannot make a wedding.
It was fun to work with makeup, florist, photographer, celebrity, etc.
I am trying to create a wedding team that people can think of.
In order for our customers to enjoy themselves, our wedding team must also enjoy themselves.
We try to deliver the best wedding ceremony as teamwork, including creating an atmosphere.

For couples thinking about weddings

Life changes when you have a wedding. I think it's a very important event as a milestone in life.
If you are wondering whether to have a wedding, please consider having a wedding.

The bride and groom can realize what they want to do and feel happy
We would be happy if we could help you with your wedding in Cairns, Australia.

Thank you very much.

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