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Must-see for those traveling on Australia's honeymoon or around Australia! Be careful with your belongings when traveling within Australia.

Nowadays, more and more people are sharing rides, like caravans, traveling around Australia, or even if they don't have time to go around, they travel across states.

So wait a minute!

Although there is information that there are strict restrictions on bringing food from Japan to Australia, it is unexpectedly unknown about bringing food etc. when traveling within Australia.

"Unknown but Buddha"It is a state.

Therefore, there are restrictions on carry-on travel within Australia when crossing states.
Please refer to the new official information for the 2019 edition for your reference.
Restrictions on bringing in Australia

There are different carry-on restrictions depending on which state you are traveling to.

For example, honey is a popular souvenir
If you go to Melbourne after buying honey as a souvenir in Cairns.
Bringing in honey is a triangular caution mark. It is a recognition that you will bring it in after making an inquiry properly.

When traveling on a trip, it would be troublesome and difficult to ask if you could bring honey with you.
So it's okay! I think it's best not to have anything other than that.

Even if you buy it at a supermarket or at a souvenir shop, you will not be informed of the restrictions on carry-on when traveling domestically.
At best, "Honey is a liquid, so put it in your checked baggage, not your baggage."
I think I'll be guided.

Since it is a movement within Australia, baggage inspection is not so strict, so it may not always be found, but there are regulations as a rule, so I think that you should follow it.

By the way, if you return to Japan directly from Cairns, honey will be a liquid, so you can put it in your checked baggage (suitcase) and bring it back to Japan.

There are many places where it is not good to move to the state with fruits and vegetables, but surprisingly it is okay to bring nuts etc. to the state.
After all, it is something that cannot be understood without examining it.

Please note that this regulation applies when traveling to the state, whether by car or plane.

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