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Add what you want to be careful with when renting a car!

Earlier, I wrote an article on this blog titled "Three things to watch out for when renting a car in Australia". If you haven't read it yet

From here

This time, in addition to this, I would like to add something to be aware of when renting a car.

I heard that the couple had a little trouble when they rented a car the other day, and I would like to write on my blog so that future couples will not have such trouble.

what's happened?

Check equipment

It seems that this couple rented GPS and navigation as options. So, when I rented it, I heard that I rented only the main body of GSP, but when I returned the rental car
"There is no bag and cable for GSP"
I heard he was told.

"I didn't have a bag or cable when I borrowed it."
Speaking of

"I can't rent it without a bag or cable."
I was told

"I haven't borrowed"
For conversations on parallel lines. ..

And a "help" call from the bride

I also called many times and tried to respond,
After all
"We will not lend GPS without a bag and cable"
One point with.

I couldn't do this anyway, after all
"It cost me money, but I managed to solve it."

The result was that.

I'm a little disappointed. .. ..

But especially in Australia and abroad, the part of self-responsibility is strong,
"You who didn't check the equipment are also bad."
It will be that.

It doesn't make sense, but in many cases it is "something".

Optional, if you want to rent something
"Is there anything that comes with the main unit?"
I think you should definitely check it.

Check for scratches

Check for scratches on your car after you rent it and before you leave.
I used to rent a car to a place that was only 10 minutes away from work.

I didn't hit anywhere at all, and I parked in a large parking lot, so I don't remember contacting the car next door.
When returning
"There is a scratch here"
I was told.

And I was billed.
I didn't check it properly before I left, so I ended up at my own risk.

After that, I always check the body for scratches before driving.
I think it depends on the car rental company, but depending on the company, you don't have to worry about small scratches! I'm often told,
For the time being, I will report even small scratches before departure by borrowing the saying "I am here and here".

Japanese car rental companies may not be very detailed, but in Australia you should be careful and rent a car.

Then, I think it is a good way to travel very conveniently.

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