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Workshop ④ Schedule until the wedding [Must-see for those who want to become a wedding planner]

Schedule management is a very important task as a wedding planner

Timing to receive inquiries

Local couples (Australia, Americans, etc.)

The time to receive inquiries varies from person to person, but in the case of overseas, we may invite many guests, so we will start preparing from 12 to 18 months on the wedding day.

Japanese couple

Japanese couples do not have so many guests, so we often receive inquiries about 10 to 6 months before the wedding date.

Popular wedding time

Local couples (Australia, Americans, etc.)

June, July and August are popular times for weddings.

Japanese couple

September, October and November are popular because there are many consecutive holidays. It is also a popular season because it is often the time of autumn leaves in Japan and the dry season overseas.

Decide in a few months after the wedding preparation starts


After all, depending on your budget, the recommended venues and all the recommended options will be different. If you don't check your budget first, you may get dissatisfied with "I can't pay so much. With this plan ...", so let's check the budget of the couple first.


At the time of receiving an inquiry from the couple, if there is an image or theme for the wedding that the couple already has, it is necessary to firmly counsel their wishes.

Decide the wedding date and venue

This may be the most important. Especially if you are coming from Japan for an overseas wedding, you must also make a flight reservation. Even if there is a desired wedding date, if the plane does not fly according to that date, you will not be able to have a wedding on that desired date. Therefore, we will decide the wedding date after confirming the schedule to see if the plane is flying properly. And it is very important to decide the wedding venue according to your budget and wishes.

Supplier reservation

Once you've decided on a wedding date and venue, make a reservation for a supplier such as a celebrity or photographer. Reservations may not be possible on popular weekends such as consecutive holidays.

Up to 6 months before the wedding date

Decide on a wedding dress

If you decide on a wedding dress too early, your body shape may change, so let's guide you to try on the dress you care about about 6 months ago.

Propose a honeymoon plan

We will check if there is any help in organizing, such as your honeymoon plan request, and propose what you can do.

Suggest options

There are many options such as decorations for weddings and parties, bouquet images, shuttle cars and more. Let's propose an option that suits your needs.

Make a timeline

Once you have decided on the general image and flow, write down a list that you have to decide, organize what parts you need to dig a little deeper and check, and make a timeline.

From 6 months before the wedding date

Invitations sent to guests begin to arrive. Determine the number of guests

If you don't get an invitation reply, follow up and start figuring out how many guests you have

Dress costume matching

Check the timing of dress matching. If it is a custom-made dress, fit it and check the size.

Check the hair and makeup schedule

Upon request for hair and makeup, we will adjust the start time of hair and makeup and the time of hair change from the wedding schedule and flow of the day.

Select music

If there is music that the couple wants, such as entrance music or exit music, ask them to decide and check how to bring in the music. If you don't have any particular wishes, be prepared to present general songs here.

Final confirmation of meal menus and flowers

The menu of meals may change depending on the season, so make a final check about 6 months in advance, including checking allergies of guests.

There are also flowers and seasonal flowers. Check again to see if you can get the flowers you want at the time of the wedding and if you can arrange them as you wish.

Wedding content

I would like to receive special words during the wedding. I want to sing a song during the wedding. We will confirm the contents of the ceremony with the couple again, including when there is a special request such as. Also, ask the couple who to ask for the signature of the witness on the marriage certificate.

wedding ring

Some couples may be ordering their original wedding ring. Check for the year whether you have it properly or when you will receive your wedding ring. Also, on rare occasions, the bride makes a wedding ring, but some couples do not make a groom's wedding ring. There are various reasons, such as the reason that there is no plan to give a wedding ring a professional pattern, but in that case, in the case of ring exchange, instead of exchanging, the groom presents the ring to the bride, and the bride gives it. It would be nice to have a few words of gratitude and vows to the groom.

1 month before the wedding

Check the seating chart of the party

Check the seating chart for the party. Who sits where is an important point in creating a wedding atmosphere.

Final try-on of the dress

Some dress shops will check the final fitting of the dress again.

Final confirmation of supplier (vendor)

In rare cases, the supplier may have made a mistake in the reservation date, such as Lee, who had double-booked. Be sure to check the schedule and reservation again so that the photographer will not come on the day of the wedding.

1 week before the wedding

Share time schedule with staff

Share the wedding time schedule with the staff involved in the wedding, including the photographer, and let all parties understand the flow of the wedding.

Information sharing as much as a couple can

By sharing all the information such as the couple's desired image photo and desired hairstyle with the staff, we will complete the team building to help the couple's wedding as a wedding team.


Confirm to 1

Confirm to 2

Confirm with 3

There are many things to check.

We must not miss the offer due to omission of confirmation.

Let's check too much.

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