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There is an overseas wedding that the pre-bride does not know ② Swelling of the airplane

For overseas weddings, especially Cairns weddings, it is common to have a meeting on the day of arrival (first day of travel) in Cairns and have a wedding the next day (second day of travel).

Therefore, I think that I am tired of traveling on an airplane, but it is easy to swell by taking an airplane, so I think it is better to check if the ring comes off the day before the wedding as much as possible.

If the ring does not come off

  1. Try moving it little by little
  2. Try adding body cream or oil.
  3. Pull it out using a thread like the one in a simple sewing kit.

Let's try the method of.

Also, many people have swelling of their feet, so if you try on your shoes again after arrival and check the comfort, you can calmly hope for it on the day of the wedding.

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