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marriage. I will live. Eight things that I think have an important order for people.

Get married and become a family. Connect and form a group called a family.

There used to be a program called "Husband Remodeling Plan" that I used to do on TV.

A plan to change the clothes that the husband is wearing and then change the husband in a good direction.

At that time, I might have enjoyed watching the change of my husband, "Plan to change my husband" without thinking about anything.

It's been 20 years since I moved to Australia in 2021. After a lot of environment and experience, I have something to think about. There is an important turn in life and as a person.

  1. health
  2. Relationships
  3. Self-growth
  4. jobs
  5. Economy
  6. Space, environment
  7. free time
  8. Contribution

In this order, I recently realized that it is the basis of living as a person. Then, I will write in detail.


First of all, you can't do anything without good health. You can't work in a hospital bed, and exercise is limited by your medical condition. However, it is easy to take it for granted that it is normal for you to be healthy when you are healthy.

I think it is very important to get in shape. It tends to be normal, and if you don't dare to be conscious of your health, you tend to forget it, so it's good to get into the habit of exercising and eating good food (such as drinking water regularly) to stay healthy. I think.

You have good health and everything is possible. Be thankful for your health, and make sure that you are healthy, including food and moderate exercise.

You may hear different diets, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free. Let's clean the inside of the body by fasting for 3 days to 1 week, which is called fasting. It is also called.

I actually did a blood test and was taught how to fit my body. I was thinking of doing fasting, but as a result of a blood test, I was told that fasting was not good for my health. There are many different methods depending on the person. There are various things, and I want to decide for myself what is good and what is bad so that I will not be confused by the information.

And do moderate exercise in a way that suits you. This is popular, I'll do it! Do what you have, not something like that. If you overdo it, you will break your body.

I think it is important to be aware of your diet and exercise to be careful about your health.


This is friendships, family relationships, work relationships, all relationships. These days it will also include online relationships.

This relationship is the second most important factor after health. If your relationships are happy, everyone around you, including yourself, will be happy and your work will be successful. If your work goes well, you can make money, have free time, and contribute to society.

What rich people want most at the end of their lives is "love from people." If you lose your health, the next thing you need is good relationships and relationships with people.

The "husband remodeling plan" I talked about at the beginning is, in the first place, "people are not given the authority to change people." If you try to do that, you will be overwhelmed and your relationships will not go well. It may end up.

To improve relationships, first try to change yourself, rather than trying to change people. If you change, people may change naturally as a result. I think it's a good idea to take the initiative in starting with the small thing that a couple gives a morning greeting.

Everything that happens is yours. Even if something is unpleasant, not the hatred or anger of the other person, or the blame of yourself, all the events are to live better for yourself, "I am like this You should grow up. You should correct yourself like this. It will be easier if you change your mind like this. "

It's okay to look after yourself, but I think it's better not to attack, but to take care of what happened to make you easier and to grow better through relationships. It can lead to events that affect everyone. It would be great if you could grow yourself and have a positive impact on everyone around you and your work clients. I think that all good energies can improve the connected relationships and lead a wonderful way of life as a person.

Think about what you can do to respect each other.


I think that you can grow yourself through relationships and live a better life.

Education, knowledge, and personal growth. I think these are also important for living.

Through the experience, I think you can learn and grow yourself.

The size of the experience can be greater or lesser. I think it's an experience to eat delicious food at a restaurant, and it's also an experience to travel abroad. I think that you can feel the reaction of your heart, your feelings, and the movement of your emotions in the midst of various difficulties.

I think that it will become wisdom to learn from small daily experiences and large extraordinary experiences, to grow consciously, and to live.

What is learning?

Of course, I think it's also learning to get a qualification and learn new lessons and new skills.

I also think that it is learning to ask yourself questions and know what you will get in your daily life. Thinking about what you want to touch and what you want to experience is also a good first step in self-growth.


What is your wealth? Are you going to be a millionaire at work?

If you have money, you can go to various places and own various things. I think that is also richness.

However, the richness that we, the living people, feel is different. Isn't it important to work in order to satisfy your wealth?

It would be great if you could find something important to you with a mind to be aware of the abundance.

What is affluence?

Is it money?

The richness for me is different for each person.

I'm lonely if rich things don't look rich. For example, the presence of air, the blue sky, the sea, and the sun are one of the abundances.

It would be great if you could feel the richness of yourself, what you are interested in, what you are curious about, what you want to know more and more, and put your energy into it as a job.


Economy is the circulation of money.

Money circulates.

It is said that money should be treated in the same way as people.

For example, if a person is a company, send them to training or let a cute child travel. Money is also traveled (used) and circulated and returned to me.

Just don't expect to come back to yourself, I think it's good to go outside.

Believe in its existence and put it out.

You don't expect a reward when you let your child travel. However, when a child travels, there is something exciting and I hope they will experience something, so I trust them to travel.

What does it mean to spend money?

How do you want to live? I think it is also important to think through money.

It is said that money also changes as energy. How do you want to spend money? I think that using it not only for material things but also for experiences, experiences, and senses will enrich your life.

Space, environment

Creating an environment and space to become joyful. It's nice to live in an environment surrounded by what you like.

For that purpose, it may be important for us to live as a person to create a comfortable space and environment by separating what is necessary and what is not necessary.

If you live in a garbage mansion, you won't be able to build a wonderful life, health, and relationships.

free time

Free time may be born with relationships, financial money, and plenty of room.

You can make your own free time and time. If you say you're always busy, you can't make it.

I think it is important for people to live as a person to create their own comfortable and free time while managing their time.


The ultimate goal of life is contribution. Contributions can be volunteers or donations with money. It's up to you what you want to contribute and where you want to contribute.

I would be happy if I could contribute and end my life.

how was it?

An important order in life. You shouldn't be able to keep your job, be financially independent, contribute, and hurt yourself.

I think there is an important order for people in life.

What do you think of it?

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