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Three characteristics of people who you think you can trust

I am a wedding planner living in Australia. I think it is a very important choice to decide who will leave the important day of a lifetime, the day of the wedding.

It is a natural psychology to leave such an important day to a reliable person.

So, I thought about three characteristics of people who I think can be trusted when I actually become a customer. And those three are what I always keep in mind and do.

People who reply quickly

I have decided to reply to inquiries and confirmations within 24 hours. If you do not seem to be able to reply within 24 hours, we will reply within 24 hours with the reason why you cannot reply.

Recently, I applied for an online course to improve my skills. What I thought from there.

Only when requesting an invoice, the reply is strangely quick

When I made an inquiry, I was immediately informed that "If you are interested, I will issue an invoice." When I asked other questions, I didn't get a reply for about 4 days. However, that person was also sending out on CLUB HOUSE and Instagram during that time, so it seems that the internet environment is bad and I can not reply.

The invoice was delivered immediately, I made the transfer the next day, and today is the 5th day since I sent an email saying "Please confirm that I made the transfer." I haven't received any reply yet.

With this, my trust is zero at this stage.

I had a lot of followers on Instagram and CLUBHOUSE, so I applied for it, but it's true that I feel like I'm only doing business and not following up with this response. is.

I am applying for a class, and I think that the bride and groom are experiencing the same feeling as applying for a wedding and waiting for a reply.

After all, the reply within 24 hours that I am running is mandatory for me. Don't let the couple feel this uneasy.

Someone who feels joy, not money

I don't think people who can be trusted are "people who work to make money." Money is, of course, an integral part of life, but I wouldn't trust anyone who works to make money.

I trust people who feel that the joy of the other person is their joy and that the money comes with them.

Isn't that the case in any industry?

Even in cafes, if you try to create a space that can provide the other person's feelings of relief and serve customers, there are people who come to drink coffee every day.

Even at a hair salon, if you are trying to sell additional products such as wax, you will not want to go to the hair dressing shop. By proposing and providing hairstyles that make the other person happy and look good, the customer will come back again.

The wedding is the same.

Weddings are often referred to as a special industry because they have no repeaters and have to run their business with new customers. Even if there are no repeaters, the attitude is the same in all business industries.

Get service from someone who feels the joy of the other person is your joy.

A person who is good at listening

I think the "trustworthy person" is the "good listener".

Occasionally, there are people who try to gain the trust of others by talking about their activities, "How amazing are you?"

Of course, if that person was doing a great job

Some people may be impressed and trust it, saying, "Wow, that's amazing."

Of course, I think that there are many wonderful people who are active in various ways. Just wait a minute to trust everything.

Please also check how good that person is.

I think that those who are good at listening have the feeling of thinking about the other person and the ability to draw the other person. I think that the person who can bring out the other person well is a reliable person.

However, let's ask questions and ask about the other person in various interview formats! In that sense, instead of being trusted by the other party, you may end up creating a wall, so be careful.

Here are three people I can trust. This is something you can feel at work, at home, or in any situation. Of course, please refer to it when choosing a wedding planner.

How are we all?

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