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To get married

Among those who read this blog,

Do you need to get married?
What is marriage first?

Is there anyone who thinks that?

In fact, in Australia, instead of taking the form of marriage,
In fact, many couples and families live together as a common-law marriage.

The preferential system of society does not change depending on whether you are married or not.
It is legally treated the same as a married couple.
For example, property sharing is given the same rights as a married couple.

Do you feel any inconvenience even if you don't get married?

Maybe you don't feel inconvenienced.
Especially in Australia. .. ..

However, here I would like to tell you what it means to get married and what it means to get married.

Family can be more family

Recently my son's friend (Australian)
"There is a wedding for mom and dad."
That's right.
Of course, first marriages.
(It doesn't matter if it's your first marriage, it's okay if you're remarried)
Two people who have lived with the same person for more than 15 years, gave birth to children, became a family, and lived together.

"Why do you have a wedding?"
When I asked,
"For the family to be more family"
He said a word, but a heavy word.

You may be able to live a similar life whether you are married or not.
But "the weight that the family can be more in the family"
I thought it was a marriage.

Increased sense of responsibility

As I mentioned earlier, you may be able to live a similar life without getting married.
Just in life, living as a "family" with or without children,
I think that getting married creates an invisible sense of responsibility.

So what is a sense of responsibility?

Do you need a sense of responsibility?

The more you live in your life without feeling responsible
I don't think I'm lonely.

By having a sense of responsibility, you can rely on someone. You are needed
By having a sense of responsibility, you will feel happy and fulfilled when you complete something.
I think that having a sense of responsibility enhances self-love more than anyone else.

It's the same with work.
"I want to be recognized"
"I want to take responsibility"
"I want you to see"

Do you work with such thoughts?
Be sure to "want to be recognized" somewhere in your heart
You should think.

That is, the child wants the mother to "praise" and "acknowledge"
It's the same feeling as I think.

The mother asks the child to "do this" (give a sense of responsibility)
The child acts on it. (Is recognized)

I think I'm looking for potential, somewhere in my brain, a sense of responsibility.

Make family history

Marriage changes the surname, whether male or female.
In the old days, it was very important to keep the surname inherited from the ancestors.

In fact my grandmother
He had a hard time fulfilling his grandmother's parents' desire to keep his last name.
In the old days, it was very rare for men to change their surnames.
So my grandmother accepted the "conditions for men to change their surnames."
that is,
A man who has a chronic illness and cannot live long for the rest of his life.
I got married to such a person "to inherit my last name."
So my dad doesn't know his dad.
As a widow, my grandmother told me that she worked hard and raised children.

When I heard this story directly from my grandmother, "marriage is not just for me."
I was taught.
Make a family history.
It may sound a little exaggerated.
But I think there is no doubt that it is a connection between families.

I want to help the wedding of such a big event in Cairns.
Feeling the various feelings and weights of various people, I will do my best to do what I can do here now
There is a Cairns wedding for that.

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