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Overseas wedding with family

A wedding ceremony attended by the families of both families.
It was a lovely couple with a smile.

I feel happy and lately to talk to couples and families and see everyone smiling nicely.
This time too, it was a ceremony and party where everyone really smiled.

While talking with the couple in various ways,
The bride said, "Since my sister had a wedding ceremony in Hawaii, I was looking for a place to have a wedding outside of Hawaii."
He said, "I thought the Australian wedding would be good, so I decided to go to the Cairns wedding."

I had a little time at the party, so I talked with the bride and sister, so I would like to introduce a little conversation.

Australia is different from Hawaii

What is the difference?

First of all, the place that is not rushed. Also, Hawaii was full of Japanese people. It seems that the wedding couldn't be done so slowly. .. .. I felt more upset and found that the next couple was waiting.
The staff was also busy with something.

Is that so? Hawaii is popular. Cairns, Australia is a good place.

I agree. I'm glad I came. I'm looking forward to traveling (it seems that I've been offered a tour of Paronella Park and an animal exploration tour, and a one-day tour of Green Island and Kuranda)
It's nice to have a family trip because of this kind of opportunity.

That's right. When you grow up, it's hard to travel with your family, so it's a good opportunity to travel together and overseas weddings are also recommended.