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Customized Wedding Photo Plan: Choose flowers at a florist Make a bouquet & charter photo while sightseeing

This time the bride's request

"Can I go directly to the florist to see the flowers in the bouquet?"
It's okay to choose the flowers on the spot (I don't have any particular flowers), so I want to go to an Australian florist and see the seasonal flowers. "

I received the request.

Florists in Cairns, Australia do not have flowers in their shops like in Japan, but they are all florists who do not have stock, such as ordering them and making them into bouquets or bouquets.

The florist I always order bouquets does not have flowers at the florist.


I can't help but answer the wishes of the bride!

I found a flower shop wholesaler, visited several times, told the shop staff what I wanted, and was able to realize it! !!

It seems that the shop staff has never received a request to select and make bouquet flowers on the spot, so at first I was a little confused.
"I will receive the bride's favorite flowers, so please tell me."
"What is the bride's favorite flower color?"

I asked you,
(Flow of making a bouquet of the usual order method)
Anyway, the bride wasn't particular about it, and she wanted to look at the flowers on the spot and choose one.
I explained that and managed to understand it.

When it was realized, I was able to choose flowers for the bouquet unexpectedly, so if there are customers who want to continue,
Cannot be done by other companies, Cairns Wedding wants to continue to propose new types of weddings.

We asked our customers about their impressions of the original photo wedding.

I also had a very enjoyable day. Thank you very much!