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Have you ever given up because it's an overseas wedding?

Even in Japan's domestic wedding, there are things that you want to do, things that seem interesting to do, etc., but you can not do it due to various rules.

Cairns Wedding wants to be close to our customers.
Would you like to make "what you can do" and "what you want to do" together?

Flower Handmade bouquet in Cairns

You can go directly to a flower shop in Cairns and choose seasonal flowers on the spot to experience making a bouquet.

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Jewelry Handmade jewelry in Cairns

You can experience making your own Cairns memorable jewelry.
There is no need to worry even for the first time as the highly skilled craftsmen will support you.
Why don't you make your own memorable jewelry in Cairns?

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Cuisine Organic cooking class experience

It's an experience of making your own special meal for two people in Australia, an organic powerhouse.
Why don't you cook organic food while being taught by a chef using organic ingredients after receiving an explanation of the ingredients in the vast organic garden?

Besides cooking classes
You can also use a party plan that allows you to have a small party.

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Fragrance Let's make a perfume only for two people

Recommended for those who have a wedding in Cairns, those who have a photo wedding, and those who can only come for a honeymoon!

While the therapist asks about their feelings,
Let them choose the scent of essential oils.
It fuses the scents to make a perfume.

Why don't you make the scent of your memories together?

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How to Contact

Please feel free to ask the qoutes
You can contact us in Japanese and in English.

Contact us with Skype, Line, instagram, and email.