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Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Selling priceSale by the product price (list price) displayed on this site. Consumption tax tax
Necessary price other than goods and servicesAs a general rule, if you have a request or request other than the services or products listed on the homepage, you may be charged a separate fee.
Payment methodYou can use a credit card by bank transfer or PAYPAL.
In the event of a dispute between the customer and the credit card company, etc., both parties shall resolve the dispute, and the Company shall not be liable at all.
Conclusion of contractWhen the customer receives a confirmation of payment from us by e-mail, etc. after placing an order.
However, if the transfer to the account is not confirmed or it is found that the customer's credit card could not be used, it is considered that the contract has not been concluded.
Delivery time and place of service or goodsThe number of days required for delivery is 30 days or more after receiving your order.
Services or goods will be delivered in Cairns, Australia.
Please note that you may not be able to place an order if it is less than 30 days before the meeting date.
When attending a Cairns wedding
Your purchase will be handed over in Cairns, Australia.
The number of days required for delivery is 30 days or more after receiving your order.
Withdrawal of product applicationAs a general rule, contracts cannot be canceled due to procedures such as ordering products.
Or matters related to cancellationFrom the time of application, the advance payment is 100,000 yen for weddings, and the fee stated in the terms and conditions for photo weddings will not be refunded even if canceled. Please read the regulations carefully.
Regarding returnsWe do not accept returns due to customer's convenience after delivery of the product.
However, we will replace it if it is damaged or soiled due to a defective product or an accident during delivery.
Please make a request within 2 weeks after delivery of the product.
Please contact us by e-mail if you wish to cancel or change the contents before delivery. We will respond.
Our responsibilityIf you can return it by the method specified by us, we will bear the cost of returning it.
Business nameJapanese Cairns Wedding Japanese Cairns Wedding
Headquarters address4 olfersia ct moorbool cairns QLD Australia
Contact"Customer Service Office"
Tel: +61 (country code) -42-1162-497 LINE: @ jrl5329v skype: Japanese Cairns Wedding
Reception hours: Daily 9: 00-20: 00 (Japan time)
Email address:
Operation managerEdward Reiko
Limitations on product sales volume, etc.・ If the product is out of stock, a message to that effect may be displayed. In case of out of stock or delay after ordering, we will contact you by e-mail etc.
・ Limited items will be sold out as soon as they are sold out.

Company Profile

Trade nameJapanese Cairn Wedding
Representative's nameEdward Reiko
phone number042-1162-497 (from AU)
61-42-1162-497 (from Japan)
Business content[1] Cairns wedding service business and travel business for wedding participants
[2] Comprehensive service business that includes beauty, dressing, and photography
[3] Wedding hall consultation in Cairns, wedding production and reception planning and production
Date of establishmentMarch 29, 2018
Head office location4 olfersia ct mooroobool Cairns QLD AUSTRALIA