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Please note that Japanese Cairns Wedding (hereinafter referred to as "our company") has the following rules regarding application for photo weddings. The contract that our company concludes with the customer regarding photo wedding (hereinafter referred to as "photo wedding contract") shall be based on this agreement. Reasons not stipulated in this agreement shall be governed by laws and regulations or generally established business practices.

Article 1 (Definition)

  1. In this agreement, the following words have the following meanings.
    • ① "Photo wedding" is a photo shoot (wedding and other photo options attached to the wedding ceremony) that the customer takes in a honeymoon to Australia, a family trip, a trip with friends, and other commemorative costumes such as plain clothes or dresses. Is excluded.)
    • ②「代金」とは、商品の対価として当社が申し受ける一切の代金をいいます。
    • ③ 「不可抗力」とは、台風・ハリケーン・地震・津波・大規模火災・水害その他の災害、輸送機関の事故その他交通途絶、戦乱・暴動・大規模スト、日本又は外国の法令の制定・改廃、日本又は外国の官公庁の拘束力ある命令・勧告・処分、及びその他当事者が合理的に支配・関与できない事由をいいます。
  2. Unless otherwise specified, all dates and days stated in this agreement shall be calendar days.

Article 2 (Photo Wedding application and contract establishment time)

  1. The photo wedding contract shall be established when we reply to the application confirmation email from the customer through the web application form.
  2. For photo wedding contracts, the full amount billed will be paid in one lump sum (the billed amount will vary depending on the application details). Please refer to Article 4 for payment methods.
  3. In the case of transfer payment in Japanese yen, if we cannot confirm the payment of the application fee from the customer within 14 days after application, we will treat it as if the contract was not concluded.

Article 3 (Notes on application)

  1. お客様が健康上、特別の配慮を必要とされる場合は、その旨をお申込み時に当社担当者までお申し出願います。当社は、可能かつ合理的な範囲内でこれに応じます。なお、お申し出の際、医師の診断書の提出をお願いする場合がございます。また、状況によっては、ご予約・ご参加をお断りさせていただくことがございます。
  2. 前項に関連し、お客様が撮影中に疾患、障害その他の理由により進行が不可能となった場合、当社の判断により、中止、会場からの誘導等必要な措置をとらせていただきます。この場合、撮影の再実施はお受けいたしかねます。
  3. Please manage the costumes and accessories you bring with you. We are not responsible for any stains or damage to these items.
  4. We may decline your application if we determine that it may cause inconvenience to the local shooting location and facilities, or hinder the smooth running of shooting.
  5. Participation may be refused if the customer or attendee is found to be a gangster, a gangster member, a gangster affiliated organization or a related person, or other antisocial forces.
  6. Under Australian law, we cannot hold weddings only for minors under the age of 18. Please be sure to accompany your guardian.

Article 4 (Payment of price)

  1. You can choose the following payment methods for the price of the photo wedding contract.
    • (1) A method of making a transfer payment in Japanese yen to a Japanese bank account designated by the Company within 14 days after the contract is concluded (the transfer fee will be borne by the customer)
    • (2) Transfer in Australian dollars to our designated Australian bank account within 14 days after the contract is concluded (the transfer fee will be borne by the customer)
    • ③ How to pay by credit card in Japanese Yen or Australian Dollar by PayPal Service (A separate fee will be charged)
  2. If there is a date / time change fee or other additional charges after the contract is concluded, please pay within 14 days from the date of the additional charges.

Article 5 (Cancellation / Change of Contract)

  1. If the reservation is canceled or the date and time are changed due to the customer's convenience after the photo wedding contract is concluded, the following fee will be charged as the cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be paid by wire transfer or credit card payment within 14 days from the date of occurrence. The transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
    • ① Cancellation of photo wedding contract (including photo wedding option)
      From the time of application to 22 days before shooting ... Photo wedding price 30%
      From 21 days to 15 days before ... Photo wedding price 50%
      From 14 days to 8 days before ... Photo wedding price 80%
      7 days before the day of shooting ... Photo wedding price 100%
    • ② Change the date and time of the photo wedding contract (at the convenience of the customer)
      From the time of application to 22 days before shooting ... Free
      21 days before the shooting until the day of shooting
    • Japanese Yen payment ・ ・ ・ 10,000 Yen / time
      For dollar payment ・ ・ ・ 120$ / time
      * Changes may not be accepted depending on the schedule of the hair make / photographer.
      * If there is a danger such as a typhoon (warning is issued), changes will be made free of charge.

* 1 The cancellation fee is the latest billing amount presented at the time the customer requests cancellation. The photo wedding price cannot be changed after the customer requests cancellation.
* 2 If actual expenses are incurred at the time of requesting cancellation, the total actual expenses will be added.
* 3 If the service / product subject to the offer has already been arranged at the time when the customer requests cancellation or change of the service / product content within the period in which the cancellation fee is incurred, it will be provided separately. We will charge a cancellation fee.

Article 6 (Change of contents due to force majeure)

  1. Even after concluding a photo wedding contract, if it is unavoidable to ensure safe and smooth shooting due to force majeure, we will explain to the customer in advance why the reason cannot be involved by us. As a result, the shooting schedule, service content, and other photo wedding contracts may be canceled or changed.
  2. Of the cases in the preceding paragraph, if the urgency or urgency is particularly high, the explanation may be changed.

Article 7 (Refund / Addition of Photo Wedding Price)

  1. In the case of the preceding article, if the shooting is canceled, the total amount of actual expenses incurred at that time will be settled, and the difference from the received price will be refunded or an additional request will be made.
  2. In the case of the preceding article, if the content of the service is changed at the request of the customer without stopping the shooting, we will refund or additionally request the difference resulting from it.

Article 8 (Usage time and extension)

Use of the shooting location or facility, including setup and removal, will be done within the time that we had a meeting with the person in charge of our company in advance. In the unlikely event that the usage time is extended back and forth due to customer's convenience, a separate fee will be charged.

Article 9 (Arrangements for decoration, etc., arrangements from other than designated contractors)

  1. Please contact us in advance if you would like to bring decorations, floral decorations, hair and makeup, etc.
  2. The flower arrangement in the preceding paragraph may not be arranged due to the season, weather, transportation conditions, or other circumstances, or the color and combination of flowers may change.
  3. Please contact us in advance for photography / video shooting, music performance / production by companies other than our designated companies. Please refrain from bringing in food and drink.

Article 10 (Bring-in)

  1. If you bring your own costume, you can bring it in for free. However, we are not responsible for any stains on the costumes if you bring them in.
  2. Flower decoration items (small items such as bouquets and headpieces) can also be brought in for free. However, please refrain from bringing in a flower shower.
  3. You can bring your own shooting items for free. However, please refrain from bringing in flying balloons.
  4. When you bring in items such as flower decoration items and shooting items, in order to facilitate shooting, please be sure to inform the person in charge of our company in advance and bring in after confirming hygiene and safety. Thank you for your cooperation. If you do not make a request in advance, we may refuse to bring it in.

Article 11 (Matters related to shooting environment)

If the beach environment, etc. differs from the drawings, models, image drawings, printed matter, etc. provided in advance, the current status will be prioritized.

Article 12 (Prohibited matters and cancellation)

  1. Please refrain from the following acts on the beach and facilities managed by our company.
    • ① Bringing in dangerous goods such as ignitable or flammable items and equipment
    • ② Bringing in loud, foul-smelling items
    • ③ Bringing in food and drink (including alcohol)
    • ④ Acts that are offensive to public order and morals and acts that cause inconvenience to other customers, behavior
    • ⑤ Movement of equipment, damage / dirt
    • ⑥ Use other than the purpose of use at the time of reservation
    • ⑦ Bringing in animals other than service dogs such as guide dogs
    • ⑧ Other dangerous acts and acts prohibited by law
  2. Outside and indoors outside of our controlled facilities, Australian and Queensland laws and other regulations and the facility's management rules apply.
  3. Local laws and regulations may result in civil or criminal liability for certain prohibited acts such as drunkenness and damage to property. In this case, we cannot take any responsibility, so please be careful.
  4. The Company may cancel the photo wedding contract if it falls under the prohibited items of this article (including conflicts with the rules of paragraphs 2 and 3 and local laws and regulations). In this case, it will be treated as a cancellation due to customer's convenience.
  5. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the customer due to the cancellation based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

Article 13 (Applicable period of rate plan)


Article 14 (Our responsibility)

  1. If we intentionally or negligently damage the customer in carrying out the photo wedding contract, we will promptly resolve the situation. However, this is limited to cases where the customer notifies us within 7 days from the date of damage. In this case, if a refund occurs, the amount will be limited to the total amount of the photo wedding price paid by the customer.
  2. Please note that in principle, if the customer suffers damage due to the following reasons, we will not be able to provide compensation or compensation exceeding the upper limit stipulated in Paragraph 1 of this Article.
    • ① Generation of force majeure
    • (2) Change of shooting schedule based on reasons such as change or cancellation of enforcement service provision such as operation and accommodation institutions
    • ③ Measures necessary to ensure the safety of the life or body of the shooting participants
    • ④ Cancellation of service provision due to circumstances such as repair work of the shooting location, change of shooting schedule or cancellation of shooting caused by these

Article 15 (Customer Responsibility)

  1. If the beach, our facilities, furniture, etc. are damaged, damaged, or soiled due to the intentional or gross negligence of the customer or a person related to the customer, due to the cost required for restoration to the original state and the unavailability of the structure or furniture. The customer will be responsible for any damages that may occur.
  2. We are not responsible for accidents, loss or theft that occur under your control, even on the premises of facilities managed by us.
  3. If you arrange your own flight ticket, accommodation, etc., you will be responsible for any damages or additional costs incurred due to the need to change the schedule due to reasons such as changing the arrangement or canceling the trip. We are not responsible.
  4. Customers are responsible for arranging passports, travel visas, etc. required for overseas travel. We will not be liable for any damages or additional costs incurred due to the need to change the overseas schedule due to these inadequate arrangements.
  5. We are not responsible if you are denied entry or exit by the authorities.
  6. If the customer cannot arrive at the local salon on the reserved date due to the cancellation of the travel service arranged by the customer, the inadequate arrangement of the travel visa, etc. I will handle it.

Article 16 (Handling of personal information)

  1. The personal information of the customer entrusted to us from the inquiry about the photo wedding to the end is for arranging and answering the contents of the photo wedding you applied for, providing other services related to the photo wedding, and procedures related to payment. We will use it within the necessary range.
  2. In addition to the use in the preceding paragraph, we may use your photos, videos, etc. with your consent for sales promotion activities and company information.
  3. In using paragraphs 1 and 2, we may transmit personal information to business partners and contractors. In this case, we will conclude a contract regarding the handling of personal information with our business partners and contractors, and will perform appropriate supervision.
  4. We will not provide personal information to third parties (excluding business partners and contractors in Section 3) without the consent of the customer.

Article 17 (Other)

  1. フォトウエディングに関する問題や事故の発生及び、その他の本規約に定めのない事柄に関する責任の処理、解決を図る事態が発生した場合は、当社はお客様と協議の上対応いたします。
  2. We will not negotiate or arrange the re-implementation of Photo Wedding under any circumstances.

Article 18 (Change / Revision of Terms)

  1. This agreement may be revised without notice. In this case, the person in charge of our company will explain the content of the revision to the customer within a reasonable range, and then the revised terms will be applied.
  2. If the fee or other amount paid by the customer changes due to the revision of this agreement, the person in charge of our company will present a quotation based on the revised agreement.

Article 19 (exchange fluctuation)

Regarding the photo service, the price is displayed in Japanese yen, but those who wish to pay in Australian dollars will be presented with the price at our exchange rate.

Article 20 (standard time)

Japan time will be applied to all application times, change reception hours, cancellation reception hours, etc. regarding photo weddings.

Article 21 (Heading)

The headings in each section of this Agreement are for reference purposes only and do not form part of the Photo Wedding Agreement and shall not affect the interpretation of the Photo Wedding Agreement at all.

Article 22 (Governing Law)

The laws of Queensland, Australia shall apply to these Terms and the Photo Wedding Agreement.

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