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Precautions for departure from Australia

Please check before you travel to Australia.

About Australia Tourist Visa (ETAS)

If you are traveling to Australia for less than 90 days, you will need to apply for a tourist visa, ETAS. (Paid) You can apply at any time before your trip, but we recommend that you register at least one week before your trip.

Even if you have applied for it before, please check the expiration date.
You can apply for ESTA registration via the Internet, or you can request a travel agency to apply on your behalf.

If you do not have ETAS in advance, you will be denied boarding an aircraft or entering Australia, so please be careful not to forget it.

If you are not a Japanese national, please confirm the necessary preparations before traveling at each consulate.

About passport

Please check the expiration date of your passport.

The remaining period until the date of returning to Japan is required.
Please make sure that your ticket reservation name is the same as your passport name.

If you are not a Japanese national, please confirm the necessary preparations before traveling at each consulate.

About the wedding ceremony

About hair and makeup

(Note) Please note that even if the wig or false eyelashes are removed during the ceremony, we will not be able to stop the progress of the ceremony and reattach it.

About local staff

Local staff, photographers, and attendant staff will not keep valuables. We recommend that you do not bring large amounts of money or valuables, as you will be exempt from liability if you leave it.

To protect your skin and eyes from UV rays, staff may use a sun hat or sunglasses during outdoor photography. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

About shooting

* If you plan to bring in balloons that are not intended to be flown, please inform the staff in advance.

About attendees

About babysitter arrangements

If you have children under the age of 8 and no one other than the groom or bride will take care of you, you will be legally required to arrange a babysitter.
If you need a babysitter, please contact us.

<Time to arrange babysitter>

[For those who apply for the wedding]
From 30 minutes before departure to the time of arrival of the room
Example) Wedding only: Approximately 3 hours / Wedding + beach photo tour: Approximately 4 hours
* The above is an example, and it depends on the wedding venue, so please contact us for the arrangement time.

[For those who apply for a photo tour]
Wedding preparation-after shooting, until the time to return to the hotel
Example) For 12:00 shooting (suburban beach shooting only), apply for the time from 9:30 to 13:30

The babysitter will accompany you to the wedding and / or shooting, so children can of course take pictures with them.

When you have completed the babysitter arrangements, please contact us with the following three points.
① Arrangement company name ② Arrangement phone number ③ Arrangement time

For pregnant brides

If you are pregnant, please be sure to let us know in advance. We will do our best to support you on the day of the event, but please check and understand the following in advance.

About your belongings



About costumes

If you bring costumes from Japan

To customers who apply for a photo plan

If you book a photo tour on the day of your arrival in Australia, if it takes time for flight delays or customs inspections, or if you miss the preparation start time due to customer's convenience, it will be canceled on the day. Please note that the full amount of the payment will be charged as a cancellation fee. We recommend that you make a reservation the day after your arrival.

For customers who apply for weddings and photo tours

In the unlikely event that your suitcase is lost and you cannot receive it, please bring as much as possible what you need for the wedding and photo tour as carry-on baggage instead of a suitcase. (However, please be careful about the weight limit of baggage.)

When the person in charge of consultation, arrangement, and attendance is not the same

Basically, the same person will assist you in the wedding ceremony, but in the unlikely event that you cannot join us, we will arrange an experienced wedding coordinator to provide services that satisfy our customers.

After arriving in Australia

When you arrive in Australia, please contact us by line or email to let us know your arrival.

About chips

About drinking

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You can contact us in Japanese and in English.

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