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Travel customization for those who are not satisfied with Japanese package plans and those who want to make an original travel plan. It is also possible to take care of all the arrangements such as local tours, hotels, and transfers.

We promise a special trip that will only come true if you are a local planner.

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Cairns-based specialists realize their ideal plan

As a planner who lives locally and is familiar with the wedding and travel industries, we will listen to your thoughts and respond firmly to your wishes.


Attentiveness is also delicate because it is a company specializing in weddings

Please rest assured that we will follow you on-site, such as airport pick-up and guest pick-up service. We also fully back up small services.


Reliable pricing that comes true because you are familiar with the local area

Japanese travel agencies set prices on a per-person basis, but here hotels are priced on a per-room basis, so it is possible to reduce costs such as hotel charges.




First of all, please tell us what you want.
We will customize it according to that.

How to Contact

Please feel free to ask the qoutes
You can contact us in Japanese and in English.

Contact us with Skype, Line, instagram, and email.