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1 year to 7 months before the wedding


Inquiries / consultations regarding the desired time and contents of the Cairns wedding

First consultation / counseling (free)

Inquiry formPlease fill in the form before consulting.


Examination of the venue (proposal, availability confirmation, estimate presentation)

If there are people in attendance, after confirming the convenience of the people in attendance and deciding the travel schedule in Cairns, the application to the travel agency etc. is completed, or the flight and hotel arrangements are completed by yourself. We will check the availability of the desired wedding venue at the stage.


Venue decision (formally applied)

Please check the terms of use
・ Payment of advance payment
・ Please fill in the customer application form

About 6 to 3 months before the wedding


Invitation card creation (design / text decision) & sending

After the number of people is confirmed, we will arrange a guest shuttle car and a dinner party.

Passport and ETA visa ready

If you are checking the expiration date or getting your first passport, please be prepared in time for your trip to Cairns. Also, please make sure that the guests are ready.

Try on and decide on costumes

We would like to introduce our recommended dress shop. We offer customer benefits, so you can rent or buy dresses at a great price.

Buy a wedding ring


1. Bouquet & boutonniere, flower shower, headpiece, etc.
2. Hair and makeup (accompanied by makeup during the wedding ceremony, rehearsal makeup, hair and makeup for guests and grooms)
3. Video, camera, etc.
4. Party menus and decorations
5. Transfer
6. Wedding cake

Present final quote

Send invoice (pay for half of the total estimated price)

About 2 months to 1 month before the wedding


Determine the image of hair and makeup and hairstyle

• Purchase hair accessories
• With or without veil
• Hairstyle image photo
I will tell the hair and makeup artist in advance. If you would like to accompany your make-up and change your hair, please also provide images before and after the change.

We also propose optional tours for trips other than the wedding day

We also propose experience tours for only two people and other optional tours with contents that meet your wishes

Request a shot if you wish

Party table seating chart if you wish

Final invoice (payment of balance)

Decide whether you want a maiden name or a new surname in the name field of the marriage certificate

If there are attendees, decide who to ask for the witness sign

Check your belongings checklist


Arrival date in Cairns


Final meeting

The final meeting will be held in the lobby or room of your hotel for about an hour.

Please tell us your desired time for the final meeting.

On the day of the wedding



How to Contact

Please feel free to ask the qoutes
You can contact us in Japanese and in English.

Contact us with Skype, Line, instagram, and email.