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We will arrange weddings and anniversaries for those who want to specialize overseas.

It is also possible for those who want to have a party overseas without having to hold a wedding ceremony.

In addition to weddings, we also accept birthday parties and other event parties (such as wedding parties) upon request.

Hotel Restaurant Hotel wedding

The restaurant of your hotel or your favorite hotel
We will prepare a private room.
In a private space, special time spent with loved ones shortens the distance with guests, and you can have a party that is even more like two people.

Beach Party Beach party

Great location in front of the sea
In front of the blue sea or the sunset, you can relax with your guests
Have a dinner, romantic lunch or dinner party

Local Restaurant Local restaurant

A restaurant adjacent to the aquarium and a restaurant in front of the sea
Dining party at a locally loved restaurant
Even if you have a casual image, if you want to enjoy a special meal, please spend a wonderful time with a delicious meal.

Gifts for your guests Gifts for wedding attendees

We have prepared a small gift for our guests.
This gift is made in Cairns, so there is no doubt that guests will be pleased with it! is.
All products are made locally by the makers living in the suburbs of Cairns.
"Gourmet set of the blessings of the earth in Cairns"
"Self-friendly set" including bath salts, which are very popular with women, "sweet set" such as chocolate made mainly from local sugar, "oil set" such as locally produced tea tree oil and coconut oil, etc. We will make gifts according to your budget.
For all products, there is a product description
"Proudly Made in Cairns"
I will attach the tag of.
Why don't you send a gift with your feelings to your loved ones?
We will also deliver to the party venue.

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You can contact us in Japanese and in English.

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