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In a location unique to Cairns
Engrave the time of precious memories with photos

Like us Photo Wedding

# Photo shootings

A special photo wedding that only comes true with Japanese Cairns Wedding.

We will produce your own photo wedding at the beach where there are no many people and the shooting spot where you can enjoy the local feeling.

You can also enjoy Cairns as if you were on an optional tour on one page of your honeymoon memories.


Photo wedding is a must for such people

# I recomend this photo shooting plans to these people

If you are planning to have a wedding or reception in Japan, it would be nice to take a location photo in Cairns as a pre-shoot.

You can use the photo as a welcome board so that your family and friends can see it.

If you don't have a plan to have a wedding, but we recommend photo wedding as a good opportunity to re-recognize the start of the two.

フォトウェディングはこんな人に是非 フォトウェディングはこんな人に是非


  • 01

    Tour & Photos

    You can enjoy Cairns as if you were on an optional tour on one page of your honeymoon memories.

  • 02

    Bring any dresses you like

    Bring your own dress
    You can remake your mom's wedding dress if she has one.
    You can find reasonable wedding dresses online.
    Your friend might lend you a dress.
  • 03

    Your special things

    You can use any bouquets and accessories.
  • 04

    Special experiences in Cairns

    You can have special experience in Cairns.

    You can make your own bouquet with fresh flowers.
    You can make your own jour jewelry for your memory.
    You can make your own perfume for your memory.
    You can join cooking classes with organic ingredients
  • 05

    Local wedding plannner

    Because I am a local, I can answer any question about Cairns Wedding.

    I will response as soon as possible.

  • 06

    Free quotes

    Prices from quote to invoice do not fluctuate unless you have additional options of your choice.

    We will arrange only what the customer thinks and wants, and will not make unreasonable solicitations or sales.

    I am trying to make a wedding special for you.



Japanese Cairns Wedding can also help you find your dream dress.
Because it's a resort wedding in Australia, there are dresses we recommend, dresses you should avoid, and dresses that look great on your photos.

We can introduce recomended dress salons in Japan.
You can make rental dresses and custom-made dresses at our recomended dress salons, or you can purchase them at the dress shop you found and bring them with you.

Our PlanPhoto plan


Charter sightseeing photo tour

A photo tour of sightseeing spots in Cairns.
If you come with your family or friends, why don't you take a picture as a memory when you go sightseeing together?


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Photo shootings like a wedding ceremony

You might not want to have a wedding ceremony, but why not take a photo tour like a wedding ceremony?
The price might be changed depend on the venues.


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Beach photo shootings

Why don't you take a romantic or active photo on the beach on one page of your memories?


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Garden photo wedding

On one page of memories, romantically in a garden surrounded by rainforest trees
Or why not take an active photo?


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ビーチ &ガーデンフォトウェディング

Recommended for those who like, you can easily enjoy two photo plans.


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Fitzroy Island Photo Wedding / Cairns City Night

Taking a photo at the Great Barrier Reef has a special feeling that is different from the beaches in the suburbs.
There is no doubt that you can make the best special memories.


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Chapel photo wedding

There are no plans to hold a wedding ceremony, but if you want to have a photo wedding at the chapel, this is a must-see chapel photo wedding.
Why don't you take a picture at the chapel once in a lifetime?


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City walk photo wedding

While taking a walk in the city of Cairns
Why don't you take pictures at various casual spots?


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